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Serial entrepreneur with software development experience. An Iraq combat veteran, author and tech nerd. I'm always looking into the future and for the tools to get everyone there.

Current projects I'm working on

Founder | Graybun

The simplest tool for parents to discover and plan for kids focused events.

Founder | Startup Stratagem

Merging an artistic style of old philosophical tone with modern startup strategies, I write about startup lessons and changing your entrepreneurial outlook.

Founder | Refugee Railroad

By combining machine learning with human crowdsourcing, I'm developing a tool to provide clarity on global resources for refugees.

Here are past
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startups of mine

CTO & Co-Founder

September 2016 - August 2017


An app to help employees within a company meet each other based on similiar interests. If Linkedin met Meetup.com.


January 2016 - Present

Refugee Railroad

The use of Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning) and crowdsourcing to reduce the time individuals are refugees and to provide global clarity on resource needs for each camp. If crowdsourcing met supply chain management.


May 2016 - Present


A massive multiplayer game in the political genre that takes the 'idle clicker' concept into the competitive arena. If Farmville met Politics.


January 2015 - Present


An interactive fiction platform that hosts digital novels and role playing games. If Choose Your Own Adventure met Netflix.


January 2015 - Present

Startup Stratagem

Strategic content for startups delivered through a series of case studies, lessons learned and stratagem verbage. If Sun Tzu was an entrepreneur.

CEO & Founder

July 2012 - June 2014

Saga Swell

A content scheduling platform for bloggers to synchronize and distribute blog posts and social media messaging. If Wordpress met Hoost Suite.


Deep Learning Fundamentals Certificate


Front-end Developer Certificate



University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Intelligence Analyst to Intelligence Chief


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Leadership Philosophy

Expect the best, get the best

Focus on what you and your direct reports could be, not what they cannot be. If you call someone a thief and do so often, they are likely to embody those traits. The same can be said for expecting the best out of a person. Expect excellence, encourage excellence, and help your team achieve excellence.

Establish standards and hold to them

Establish standards that are clear, measureable, and fair. Create clarity for yourself and others. Implement a rubric rather than a sliding scale. Take time to understand the journey of others, be it people or products, but do not mistake the best that is offered for the best that can be.

Feedback in all directions

Everyone should be able to provide feedback to anyone. This is not a top to bottom or peer to peer thing. There is value collecting varying perspectives. Seek not to just listen, but to understand. This extends to hearing those who speak up about your product, services and processes.

To lead, follow behind

Find passionate, focused and great people and get out of the way. You attract these people by being the best you can be and asking the same of them. This often requires being willing to work ferociously at your job and even harder at serving the people you lead. Said differently, the success and growth of my direct reports is a personal mission of mine.






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